New Friends

There is nothing as refreshing as discovering a friend in a new place.

Explosions of laughter

Ripple through a lonely heart

Still aching for the familiar in a foreign land.

Hugs are exchanged,

Thoughts are shared

About  ourselves,

About life,

About God.

Coming from different places

Yet finding similarities,

Shared experiences,

Shared feelings,

Shared dreams.

Finding friendship in a new place is the beginning of making a home.

A smile of greeting

Fortifies a quivering heart

Now glad to be in a foreign land.

By: Theresa Lazt

Author: piercedatthedoor

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. I enjoy writing, reading and drinking tea out of tea cups. This blog is kind of a fun little hobby of mine.

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