Quiet Reflections of a traveler


A quiet day in a strange place where:

outside, rain falls in a symphony on the pavement,

Pink flowers release the sweetest fragrance,

as umbrellas bloom on the walk ways.


Students huddle in pairs to escape the rain,

Chattering sprites they flit by.

Their language foreign to me, like percussion in my ears.


Golden flowers blow in the wind

Gracing the dark heads of passersby,

Glittering like embers in the dark.


Hot tea in a familiar cup,

breathes quiet peace of a far off home.

Quietly, I rest here hugging the familiar

whilst reflecting on the new world outside my window.

By: Theresa Lazt


Author: piercedatthedoor

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. I enjoy writing, reading and drinking tea out of tea cups. This blog is kind of a fun little hobby of mine.

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